How Land Surveyors Help With Boundary Disputes

While we all naturally hope to have great relationships with our neighbors that are never interrupted by any issues, certain property-related concerns may arise that require some attention. One good example here, one that will sometimes involve contention but often can be managed in simple and friendly ways, is a boundary dispute between two neighboring property owners.

At Diamond Land Surveying, we’re happy to provide the very best residential boundary surveys and other land surveying services you’ll find in Salt Lake City and the state of Utah. Our services assist clients with a wide range of needs, including for official boundary disputes that cannot be resolved between the two property owners. Here are some of the reasons boundary disputes can take place, some situations where calling in a professional land surveyor will be helpful here, and the important roles a land surveyor will play in helping provide the proper information to resolve these disputes.

land surveyors boundary disputes

Why Boundary Disputes Happen

There are a few common reasons why boundary disputes occur between neighbors, including:

  • Fence placement: Fences are generally a good way to mark your boundaries with neighboring properties. However, if there is any disagreement about where the property line actually falls, disputes can arise.
  • Unclear deed descriptions: Sometimes property deeds may have unclear or incomplete descriptions of the exact boundaries of a parcel. This can create confusion in the future and lead to disputes down the road.
  • Land use changes: When one neighbor decides to change how they are using their land, questions can arise about the boundaries with neighboring properties. This may include building new structures, changing landscaping or altering access routes.

When to Call in a Professional Land Surveyor

In certain cases, boundary disputes can easily enough be remedied between the two property owners. Especially if you’re on good terms with your neighbors, you may be able to work out a solution that satisfies both parties. However, in other situations, calling in a professional land surveyor is the best route to take. Here are some examples where this might be necessary:

  • Legal proceedings: If the dispute reaches a point where legal action is being taken by one or both property owners, having an accurate and unbiased land survey can be crucial evidence in court.
  • Disputed fence placement: If the dispute is specifically related to a fence that one neighbor has placed, having a professional land surveyor determine where the actual property line falls can help resolve this issue.
  • Unclear deed descriptions: As mentioned above, unclear descriptions on deeds can lead to disputes. A professional land surveyor can help clear up any confusion and provide accurate boundary information.

The Role of a Land Surveyor in Boundary Disputes

So what exactly will a land surveyor do if you call them in to help with a boundary dispute? Here are some of the key tasks they will handle:

  • Research: The first step for a land surveyor will be researching property records and documents to determine the exact boundaries in question. This may involve examining deeds, plats, and other land records.
  • Site visit: Next, the surveyor will visit both properties in question to conduct a survey. They will use specialized equipment to measure and mark the boundaries accurately.
  • Provide reports: Once the survey is complete, the land surveyor will provide a detailed report outlining their findings. This will include maps and diagrams to help show the boundary lines clearly, called a Record of Survey or Plat.
  • Expert testimony: In some cases, a land surveyor may be called upon to provide expert testimony in court regarding their findings. This is especially common in disputes that reach legal proceedings.

Surveyors Provide Information; They Don’t Take “Sides”

One important note to keep in mind for any property owner in a boundary dispute: Land surveyors are strictly neutral and unbiased. They do not take sides or favor one property owner over another. Their job is simply to provide accurate information about the boundaries in question, based on their research and site visit.

With this objective approach, they can help resolve disputes fairly and amicably between neighbors. They are also trained to handle any potential conflicts that may arise during the survey process, ensuring that it is completed smoothly and professionally.

So if you find yourself in a boundary dispute with your neighbor, don’t hesitate to contact Diamond Land Surveying for professional assistance. Our experienced team can provide the accurate information and documentation you need to resolve the issue and maintain positive relationships with your neighbors. Get in touch with us to learn about these or any of our other land surveying services across SLC and the state of Utah!