West Jordan, Utah Land Surveyors



Diamond Land Surveying provides professional land surveyor services to customers in West Jordan, Utah.

We fill a key role for our customers' land development projects across Utah. In fact, we have many responsibilities – from laying out construction projects to verifying as-built conditions of completed projects or checking the accuracy of completed steps in the construction process. But we don't just stop there.

With the help of state-of-the-art technology, we help companies build-out their projects correctly the first go around.

Professional Land Surveying in West Jordan

Land surveying has played a more important role in your life than you may realize.

Surveying is one of the first things that must be done before a construction or development project can be started. Surveyors help to create subdivisions and provide critical information for landscaping, road, and utility design. They are the first to a construction site to help map the land and make the most of the natural world surrounding any project.

There is more than one type of land survey, which is why Diamond Land Surveying offers commercial, residential and industrial land surveying.

From ALTA surveys to easement drafting to construction staking, our professional land surveyors can help you plot and plan your project or help to identify boundary lines for your property.

Cutting Edge Technology

Professional land surveyors don't simply plot lines on maps; we use advanced technology to perform a survey. While these technological breakthroughs require less manpower than in years past, they still require accuracy and assessment of data to certify positions and provide detailed information.

Land surveyors aren't becoming obsolete due to technology, they're simply evolving with the technology and becoming more efficient as a result.

It's also important to note that many of the things professional land surveyors do simply can't be done with a machine – staking is the perfect example. You still need a skilled person to identify the precise locations for placing the stakes. In addition, data analysis in many situations must be done by an experienced Utah land surveyor.

If you want to compare modern and historical maps for boundaries, only a real person can provide the analysis needed.

What Utah Surveyor Services Do You Need?

If you're looking for residential or commercial surveying, then we offer:

  • Boundary survey
  • Lot consolidation plat
  • Construction staking
  • Topographic survey
  • ALTA survey
  • Subdivision survey

We offer services for engineers, architects and designers such as:

  • Topography surveys
  • 3D laser scanning
  • UAV aerial surveying
  • ALTA surveys
  • Easement drafting
  • Subdivision surveys

You can also find the same services for construction projects. If you're in the market for laser scanning, Diamond Land Surveying is proud to offer these services as well.

For all of your West Jordan, Utah surveyor needs, contact us today.