Your Trusted Land Surveyors in Millcreek

A world without land surveys is a world where no one would know where one piece of property ends, and another begins. In Millcreek, land surveys are an essential tool for defining the location of a property’s feature as well as the boundary lines of the property.

At Diamond Land Surveying, our goal is to help people and businesses understand their property and avoid disputes about pieces of land. We offer a comprehensive suite of surveying services for customers throughout the Millcreek, Utah area.

What Is a Land Survey?

Land surveys serve several important purposes. They identify and document the boundaries of real property, including precise dimensions. Surveys also lay out the location and dimensions of structures on a piece property.

When you hire a land surveyor, it helps you to meet requirements for improving or buying real estate – or simply to understand the boundaries of your property for your reference. This service can also be helpful for resolving disputes with neighbors or for identifying where you should build a fence. If you plan to develop or build on a piece of land, you may be required to obtain a survey as a part of the design and permitting process.

Millcreek Land Surveying Services We Offer

Diamond Land Surveying offers a variety of services to help fit a range of needs and customer types.

We survey property types that include:

We can assist you with land surveying for engineering, architecture, or design. In addition, we are the local experts in scanning and three-dimensional (3D) modeling for design, engineering, construction and industrial projects.

Expert Surveying: How We Do It

Most everyone needs land surveyors at some point. Even the largest architects, engineers and construction businesses rarely have in-house surveying capabilities, so finding a professional land surveyor can become a pressing need.

At Diamond Land Surveying, we’re more than land surveyors – and when you hire us, you get more than a land survey as well. You get nearly two decades of experience in laser scanning and 3D modeling that captures the data you need for your project. Our technicians provide effective and usable data for everyone – from property owners who want to build a fence on their property line to multi-million-dollar companies looking to build their new headquarters.

We’re happy to take you through the scanning services we provide in Millcreek and show you how valuable and reliable the information can be to your home or business.

Types of Land Surveys We Offer

In Millcreek, land surveying needs vary depending on your goals and your reason for needing the survey. Some of the professional services we offer include:

ALTA Surveys

An American Land Title Association (ALTA) survey is often required when you are buying an investment property or home. Title companies may require ALTA surveys before they issue title insurance. You may also hear these surveys referred to as a mortgage survey, since they are often required by mortgage lenders.

Boundary Surveys

These surveys are used to determine exactly where property boundaries are located. Often, these types of surveys are used to locate easements for personal record-keeping and to settle legal disputes that may arise from property boundary disagreements.

Topography Surveys

Locate all the man-made and natural features on your property such as buildings, ponds, elevations, and even trees with a topographical survey.

Call on the experts at Diamond Land Surveying for all of your Millcreek land surveying needs.