Boundary Survey in Utah

Understanding property lines can be guesswork and a bit confusing. Our team of experts has vast experience in locating property boundaries in Utah for residential and commercial clients.

Diamond Land Surveying has a solid team of professional residential land surveyors in Utah. We always use the latest technology and combine it with serious know-how gained from decades of boundary survey projects across a wide variety of residential and commercial situations.

How can a boundary survey help you?

On a regular basis we consult with Utah home and landowners concerning questions about a neighbor’s structure or physical improvement they think are encroaching on their property. It’s not uncommon for land owners or contractors to use a measuring tape or their eyesight to make a guess at a property line. There’s more to a legal boundary than “meets the eye”. The result of primitive lot-line location is often boundary line encroachment.

Using professional research and leading technology, our clients receive a clear professional picture (literally) of their legal property. Our property surveyors use proven boundary survey techniques and a customer centered approach resulting in a growing list of satisfied clients.

When does a property line survey or boundary survey make sense?

Anytime a landowner considers making improvements to their property it makes sense to know what their legal property is. A boundary survey can help you define the legal limits of your property and come to a clear understanding of where you can or can’t make planned improvements. Not only will it save you potential headaches in the present, but can protect you against legal claims in the future.

Whether you’re considering building a fence, pouring a concrete pad or a major building project, performing a boundary survey will provide protection and peace of mind.

What is a boundary survey?

A Boundary Survey is the process used to determine the property lines of a parcel of land. Boundary Surveys include the use of evidence on the property as well as current and historical ownership documentation, and documentation of adjoining properties. A skilled residential property surveyor analyzes the evidence to create the precise location of property corners. In the State of Utah a Professional Land Surveyor is the only licensed profession capable of creating a legal boundary survey.