Utah UAV Aerial Surveying

Are you interested in employing drones to capture data points or imagery for a project you’re working on? We employ the latest technology in the hands of our certified professionals to deliver stunning aerial surveys with solid data and impressive images.

We’re among the premier UAV surveying and aerial survey companies in Utah. We’re flying Utah properties almost daily and have solid experience in delivering drone based data to engineering firms, architects, contractors, builders and other interested clients.

What Is UAV Surveying?

A UAV survey, so named for the unmanned aerial vehicles used in its preparation, is conducted from the ground by a highly trained and experienced surveyor, using a so-called “drone” device. The professional conducting the survey must also be highly skilled and licensed in the operation of UAVs, to ensure the integrity of the results and safety.

One of the compelling benefits of this approach is the lower altitude at which a drone can fly, allowing high-quality data collection even in a host of different situations.

In addition to basic aerial land surveying, UAV technology can also be used for imaging purposes. Aerial imaging services can be used to capture still images and video footage of virtually any parcel, in any location. The collected detail is so precise that it can be used in a variety of 2D and 3D mapping and modeling applications.

When to Choose UAV Surveying and Mapping

Aerial View

UAV aerial surveying is necessary in a variety of applications and scenarios. For example, aerial construction imaging is appropriate for documenting the progress of a project over time. Aerial surveying is most often used for collecting the topography and features of tracts of land for use in future development. UAV’s are efficient and highly accurate in collecting survey data that wasn’t as easily obtained just a few years ago.

One of the primary benefits of this approach is how quickly a survey can be conducted via drone. Another benefit is the high degree of accuracy provided by cutting-edge imaging technology that we utilize with aerial vehicles. Finally, this approach is surprisingly cost-effective, particularly compared to the traditional approach to surveying – particularly with large projects and those that are difficult to access or navigate.

The bottom line is that, when you need fast, accurate and affordable survey results, an unmanned aerial vehicle survey from Diamond Land Surveying is the way to go.

Call on the Diamond Team for Your UAV Aerial Survey

Diamond Land Surveying is the region’s leading provider of UAV surveying, mapping and imaging.

Our highly accurate drone surveys can be delivered quickly and affordably, even for large projects. We also offer a full range of complementary surveying and modeling services, including topographical surveys, boundary surveys, easement drafting and subdivision surveys. 

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