Land Surveyor Salt Lake City, Utah

Are you in need of basic residential land surveying services to help with a boundary line dispute in Salt Lake City or surrounding areas of Utah? Or what if you’re a commercial or municipal group in need of large-scale ALTA land surveys to help with accurate transactions and related areas?

For these and every area in between, the pros at Diamond Land Surveying are your first call. We have over two decades of experience serving residential, commercial, municipal and engineering client groups with a huge variety of property and boundary surveys, plus laser and 3D scanning. Professionals and land owners alike count on us to help collect and analyze topographical and other survey information.

How We Assist You

For any major land surveying need in Utah, we’re here to help. We prioritize both quality and speed while providing survey services – we know many design projects depend on the return of our detailed survey data, and we can meet tight deadlines every time. We’ll work with you from the start to plan out the proper timeline for your survey and any boundary concerns that may need to be addressed.

This is the case whether you’re dealing with residential, commercial or municipal areas. We can complete both pre- and post-development ALTA surveys as needed, once again with a keen eye to speed and accuracy.

Services Offered

We offer high-quality land surveying services in each of the following areas:

  • Engineering, architecture and design: Includes ALTA surveys, boundary surveys, construction staking, topographical surveys, 3D laser scanning and more.
  • Commercial real estate surveys: Many of the above plus lot consolidation plat, subdivision surveys, easement drafting and more.
  • Residential real estate surveys: Many of the above, including boundary and ALTA land surveying.
  • Construction and contractor surveys: AS-built surveying, construction staking, 3D laser scanning and others.
  • Land development and industrial surveys: For larger-scale projects.

Trusted Local Pros

No matter which area you require our services in or the size and scope of your project, you can count on the highest quality land surveying professionals around coming to your door. Our mission as a company is to understand client needs and work toward meeting them, and we accomplish this with a dedicated team of local professionals.

While we have access to all the latest technology and modern options to perform the services you need, we’re old-school when it comes to service. We look to build lasting relationships with our clients based on transparency and consistent results.

For more on our land surveying services for Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, contact the pros at Diamond Land Surveying today.