Utah Subdivision Survey

Are you looking for a licensed surveyor in Utah to help subdivide your property? Our professional staff assist clients with Utah subdivision platting throughout the state.

We’re experienced. Our knowledgeable crews can be found working on projects for large land owners developing residential subdivisions, a single homeowner wanting to sell a portion of their property or commercial property owners developing or subdividing their land. In today’s market where land is scarce, we work with developers or builders creating condo or townhome subdivision plats regularly.Subdivision

Cities and counties will have you working through a list of items get your subdivision up to snuff. We work behind the scenes getting the plat ready for submittal. If the city throws another change or request your way, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We work with reviewing agencies to make sure our subdivisions meet their requirements.

Commercial & Residential Subdivision Land Surveying

A subdivision plat, sometimes called a subdivision record of survey,  is the first step in breaking a large piece of land into smaller pieces, each with its own legal description. Creating subdivisions requires a survey professional with experience and a wide range of knowledge. Creating a subdivision plat must meet the requirements of not only the client but also the governing municipality and even the eventual end-user(s).

The Diamond Land Surveying team assists clients in creating subdivisions in Utah – including Salt Lake City, the entire state, and all surrounding communities. We serve commercial, residential and industrial clients in both locations.

We have an in-depth understanding of local zoning regulations, setback requirements, square footage guidelines, and more. In addition to creating subdivisions, we perform all types of surveys, including ALTA title surveys, boundary surveys, as-built surveys, topographical surveys, construction surveys, site-planning surveys and more.

Order Your Subdivision Land Survey Now

Are you considering purchasing raw land for the purpose of subdividing to build homes or commercial buildings? Start with a subdivision survey provided by Diamond Land Surveying. Our team has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of providing land surveying for subdivisions. We put this expertise to work for our clients every day, providing them with the documentation they need to take the next step in their project.

We can provide you with a comprehensive survey and plat map, drawn to your specifications. Within that document, we can include all relevant aspects of the proposed subdivision, including easements, proposed roadways, boundaries, etc.

Our ability to collect a wide variety of relevant data enables us to provide the comprehensive results you need for project success. We strive to learn all the details about your project and your objectives, allowing us to deliver a subdivision survey and plat that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 

Contact us now to learn more about our company or to speak to someone about surveying a subdivision.