Real Estate Issues Solved by Boundary Surveys


real estate issues boundary surveys

At Diamond Land Surveying, we’re proud to offer our various land surveying options to a wide variety of potential customers. One group that regularly utilizes our services to gre ...

Reading and Interpreting Elevation Certificates, Part 2


reading elevation certificates

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the primary sections that will be present on an Elevation Certificate, abbreviated EC. This certificate contains a gr ...

Reading and Interpreting Elevation Certificates, Part 1


elevation certificates

At Diamond Land Surveying, you can count on our professionals to provide you with a wide variety of property information for your residential area. Our residential land surveyors c ...

Basics and Uses for Subdivision Plats


subdivision plats

When you deal with residential or commercial land surveying, you’re almost certain to be exposed to the term “plats” or “subdivision plats.” Meant to combine the words la ...

Topographical Surveys and Contour Lines


topographical surveys

If you’re a home or landowner dealing with things like run-off issues, building on hills or recent elevation changes, a highly valuable tool for you is the topographical survey. ...