Property Easements, Utility Companies and Important Data


property easements utility companies data

While a given piece of land or property will generally have a single owner, there are several situations where others may have the temporary or permanent right to use, cross or acc ...

Real Estate Transactions and Out-of-Date Boundary Surveys


real estate boundary surveys

Within numerous types of real estate transactions or situations, including home sales, boundary disputes and many others, a boundary survey is an important part of the process. Bou ...

Property “Encroachment” and Similar Terms Used by Surveyors


property encroachment terms surveyors

In many cases, property and boundary surveys are performed to help those who own property in a given area precisely define where their boundaries end and those of another property ...

How Written Legal Descriptions Complement Boundary Surveys


written legal descriptions boundary surveys

When it comes to accurately surveying and assessing a given tract of land, such as a subdivision, there are multiple formats that will generally be used all within the same assessm ...

Understanding Property Benchmarks in Topographic Surveys


property benchmarks topographic surveys

At Diamond Land Surveying, we’re proud to offer land surveying and related services to a wide range of clients, from homeowners to commercial building owners and even industry pr ...