Your Go-To Land Surveyors in Holladay, Utah

Whether you’re purchasing new land or want to build on property you already own in Holladay, Utah, one thing you’re likely to need is a land survey. But what type of survey do you need? That’s a common question we hear, and the reason we offer a wide variety of surveying and 3D modeling services to fit every need.

If you’re looking for a professional and precise land surveying company in Holladay then look no further than the Diamond team. Here are a few of the land survey services we provide and how each type can be put to use for you or your business.

Types of Utah Land Surveys

The type of land survey you need depends on the reason behind it. Do you need to locate property lines, meet the requirements of a lender or title company, or split a parcel of land? If so, there’s a survey for each.

The most common types of surveys we offer in Holladay include:

ALTA Surveys

ALTA stands for the American Land Title Association. ALTA surveys may be needed as a requirement for title insurance when you purchase a commercial property or home. You may also hear this type of survey called a mortgage survey since mortgage lenders may require them before financing can be secured for a property.

Boundary Surveys

It’s important to know the boundaries of your land and a boundary survey can precisely define just that. These types of surveys establish the exact location of corners of a piece of land as well as property boundaries. These surveys are most often used to help home owners learn where their property begins and ends, provide guidance for new fence installations or help resolve property line questions with neighbors. 

Easement Drafting

Easements are often required in the course of planning or constructing improvements on property. Hiring a professional surveyor ensures your easements are drafted and placed correctly on the land you own or can provide guidance on where exactly your current easements cover. Easements can have a significant impact on the value of real estate. They can also present problems for construction – which makes understanding the exact placement of any easements on your property crucial.

Subdivision Survey

A subdivision survey is used to split a larger parcel of land into smaller parcels. Use of local subdivision ordinances, provided from your city, guides the creation of subdivisions for commercial and residential lots. These types of surveys are crucial in helping to improve public safety and public health while allowing for growth and expansion within the community.

Construction Staking

This type of survey also goes by the name of site layout survey. It utilizes construction plans to mark the locations of new structures as well as roads and buildings. These surveys are done to help ensure that a building project is done precisely according to engineering design plans.

Laser Scanning & 3D Modeling Services

Our experienced team can also assist you with a variety of 3D laser scanning and modeling services. We have almost two decades of experience, using the most advanced technology to deliver precise and highly detailed results.

To learn more about us or to schedule a Holladay surveyor for your project, contact our office today