BIM Surveying in Utah

We’ve been in the BIM business for over a decade and service a broad client√®le of architects, engineers, contractors and firms. Our expertise in 3D laser scanning and modeling has made us a preferred surveyor of leading professionals and companies in Utah.

We perform the laser scanning and point cloud creation that enables BIM professionals to articulate their design vision with accuracy and integrity. We use advanced laser scanning technology to collect point cloud data. Our commitment to invest in best-in-class technology ensures our clients are receiving point cloud data that is clean, accurate and reliable.

How is BIM Survey a help to design professionals

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has changed the process of how construction or retrofit projects are planned, designed, and built. BIM takes the current physical properties of a building (or structure) into a 3 dimensional accurate and intelligent model.

With over a decade of experience and regular investment in latest technology, Diamond is the market expert in data collection by 3D laser scanning.

If you are considering an as-built construction project consider the advantages of using a BIM professional. Working together, Diamond Land Surveying and your contractor can provide complete 3D models of your construction project that will enable sound decision making before the first hammer flies.