Engineering, Architecture & Design Land Survey

We’re like an in-house survey team, only better. We associate with local and national engineers, architects and design firms to provide best-in-class land surveying services. Our professional land surveyors in Salt Lake City service the states of Utah, Idaho and the western United States. Our laser scanning crews travel nationwide.

Our goal is to make your life easier. Each project is met with technologically minded survey professionals who thrive on customer satisfaction. We use a team-based approach to understand each client’s needs and project specific priorities – including delivery time, location specific issues, cost considerations and client preferences.  

How can hiring a surveying specialist help me?

For many firms, an in-house survey team is not practical. The technical and economic hurdles a company faces to include a survey crew are significant. Why not hire a team who’s already built and avoid the management and hiring challenges? We work diligently behind the scenes to provide land survey services you or your client require. We’re a great partner and have close working relationships with engineering, architecture and design firms of varying size, specialty and location.