Utah Construction & Contractors Survey

We’re experts at providing job-site construction surveying in Utah for contractors, developers, and industrial companies. We’re eager to understand your needs, provide super-quick response, and provide accurate / reliable construction layout. Leading technology, training and experience keep our team at the forefront of the surveying field, and yet we’re affordable.

Precision Surveying Makes the Difference

Diamond Land Surveying provides Utah contractors with precision survey services. Our expertise in construction services leads to a smoother construction process. It’s not uncommon for the larger contractors to call us in when their internal surveyors can’t seem to figure out a surveying dilemma. We’re that good! But that’s not all, we work quickly and accurately – saving our clients valuable time and resources in each project we undertake.

What is a Construction Survey?

Construction surveying, also known as construction layout, is to use stakes that mark reference points to guide the building of structures or roads.

These markers are usually staked out according to a suitable coordinate system selected for the project. Contractors or developers hire a competent surveyor to ensure their structures are built where the building plans dictate, and within the appropriate property boundaries.