AS-Built Surveying in Utah

Have you ever wondered how close the construction of a project actually matches the plans or blueprints? We help clients verify their physically constructed project through an “As-Built Survey”. In Utah, an As-Built Survey might be required by a bank funding a construction loan, a city building inspector seeking to verify the accuracy of a contractor’s work, or a residential or commercial real estate owner wanting confirmation that their new investment is constructed according to their building plans.

Once we receive an order to proceed, our professional survey technicians utilize their vast know-how combined with cutting edge technology to provide solid survey data on construction improvements as they exist at the time of survey. This data is analyzed by our in-house survey team and drafted in AutoCAD to produce an As-Built Survey plat or report. We seek to make each survey a great experience for our clients. Our team is composed of the finest surveying minds in Utah, and they are capable of solving the most complex project challenges. Do you have a project needing an expert survey company in Utah or Idaho? Consider hiring us.

What’s the benefit of an As-Built Survey?

When contractors, engineers or architects are trying to see the state of project at a certain point in time they order an “as-built survey”. ‘As-built’ simply means “as it stands today”. We deliver our clients a visual method for reconciling plan drawings with actual conditions. But as-builts aren’t necessarily for reconciliation only, by ordering an as-built while in the planning phase of a project firms can have precise site realities incorporated into designs rather than discovering and reacting to discrepancies after the fact. We recently performed an as-built for a local company looking to expand their facilities. Engineers used existing plans (several decades old) to draw up potential changes to the structure that they didn’t know were inaccurate. Using 3D laser scanning Diamond Land Surveying delivered the actual property realities to engineers prior to demolition, potentially saving costly time and resources.

When hiring a firm to perform an as-built survey it’s important to know what technology they’re using and how much experience they possess. Diamond Land Surveying has years of experience and always uses advanced technology. Our team is proven.