Utah & Idaho Topography Survey

When it comes to identifying and mapping contours for Topographic Surveys in Utah & Idaho, Diamond Land Surveying has years of proven expertise. We work with home owners, contractors, landscape designers, civil engineers and architects regularly to identify property slope and contours for potential construction projects or property use analysis.

Property type, size and location vary greatly, but our approach consistently delivers surveying services that meet the needs of our clients. Each topography survey is met with leading edge technology, bright professional surveying minds and a commitment to meet our clients diverse needs.

Topographic surveys identify important characteristics about a defined area of the earth.

For a licensed surveyor, this includes identifying the contours of the ground and features that exist on the ground or slightly above or slightly beneath the earth’s surface. This might include buildings, improvements, trees, bushes, sidewalks, and many other features. A topography survey might also include the boundaries of the property in question.

This type of survey can encompass any property from a small land parcel to a more expansive area. No area is too large or too small for the Diamond Land Surveying team to handle. We can even access remote properties or those that are seemingly impossible to reach.

When Is a Topographic Survey Needed?


Surveying topography can vary significantly, depending on the property in question. Whereas a boundary survey is more straightforward – it demonstrates the outer boundaries of the property in question – topographic survey provides a variety of details about the property’s surface. This includes both natural features as well as any man made elements.

You might need a topographic map prepared in advance of purchasing a property, to determine whether the property in question can accommodate whatever types of improvements you plan to perform. You might also need this type of survey prior to building a residential or commercial structure or before undertaking a building expansion. You might also be called upon by a governing municipality to demonstrate how you plan to handle issues such as drainage.

Your Go-To Experts for Topography Surveys in Utah and Idaho

Whatever your needs might be for a topography survey, you will be in good hands when you choose the Diamond Land Surveying team to perform your survey. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment, including GPS and aerial drone techniques and technology, to carefully document the property in question. 

Based out of Salt Lake City and Treasure Valley Idaho, we assist both commercial and residential clients in Utah, as well as in the Boise, Idaho area. We work with individuals as well as architects, engineers, construction firms and more. We have the capacity to provide surveys of your property, suitable for use in a variety of applications. For more than two decades, we have been providing exceptional service and value for our clients. We look forward to assisting you with all of your topography survey needs.