Industrial Survey

Diamond Land Surveying has been an innovative partner for many industrial companies in Utah, providing as-built surveys, 3D laser scanning and an array of other custom surveying solutions. We work side by side with a variety of contractors, engineers and design professional in delivering exceptional surveying services.

There’s a constant theme in our industrial projects – our clients need for accurate measuring, monitoring or modeling that is reliable. In addition, there’s usually a request for a quick turn-around on the requested survey. By working regularly in industrial workplaces we’ve come to understand the needs of our industrial clients.

Technological Expertise

We use advanced surveying technology in each aspect of our industrial survey applications. Our commitment to invest in best-in-class technology ensures our clients are receiving accurate and reliable information. When you combine our tech savvy approach to surveying with our years of experience the result is high accuracy and quick delivery.

Safety Compliance

We understand the value of workplace safety and strictly comply with the requirements of each client. We maintain a growing list of certifications (including MSHA, UITC, BROWZE) and keep up-to-date with all requirements of our diverse client base.

What is Industrial Surveying?  Measuring tanks, pipes, structures and other improvements and the creation of 3D models from the measurements. This can include the use of 3D laser scanning or other surveying methods. Industrial measurements might also include monitoring the subtle changes in equipment dimensions or structures on an industrial property.