Land Surveying & 3D Laser Scanning Company Serving Provo, Utah

You may know that you need to hire an experienced land surveyor in Provo, Utah for your next project, but may not be familiar with all of the services provided. At Diamond Land Surveying, we offer many different types of land survey services, including 3D laser scanning services.

But what is 3D laser scanning and why would you need it? Read on to find out more.

Land Surveying with 3D Laser Scanning: What Is It?

Laser scanning is a popular method of land surveying. It is used to measure and collect accurate data from landscapes, surfaces, objects, and buildings. It collects information to form point cloud data, which is basically millions of 3D coordinates.

These points are then processed through software that creates a 3D model of the scanned environment. It’s a very advanced technology but is incredibly useful in land surveying.

3D Laser Scanning Survey Advantages

There are several advantages to using 3D laser scanning, which is why it’s a specialty of the land surveying professionals at Diamond Land Surveying.

These advantages include:

Fast data collection – Laser scanning is fast. In fact, it’s the fastest surveying method that can be used. Millions of points of data are collected in record time which reduces the human resources needed to complete a land survey. This makes it perfect for projects that are on a tight deadline.

Systems are portable – The equipment used in 3D laser scanning can be mounted to vehicles, which makes it a great tool for projects that involve extensive networks of railroads or roads or miles of landscape. The laser scanning systems can also be mounted to aerial vehicles to gather data from high above.

Ideal for remote areas – If you have terrain that isn’t able to be scanned by more traditional methods because it’s inaccessible or remote, 3D laser scanning is the perfect tool. Even the most inaccessible areas can have laser scanning equipment mounted to a drone. This also works for structures and sites that may not be safe for humans to go to.

Detailed models – The biggest advantage of 3D laser scanning for your project is the accuracy of the data and the final model created from it. You can use the results to simulate urban planning projects or construction easily and know you’re getting the best data available.

Other Services Offered by Diamond Land Surveying

At Diamond Land Surveying in Utah, we offer far more than 3D laser scanning and modeling. We also offer:

  • AS-Built Surveying
  • Subdivision Surveys
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Lot Consolidation Plat
  • Construction Staking
  • ALTA Surveys
  • Easement Drafting
  • BIM Surveys
  • Topography Surveys
  • UAV Aerial Surveying

No matter what type of project you have, you can depend on the professionals at Diamond Land Surveying to use the most-cutting edge technology to get your land survey done right. If you have questions about 3D laser scanning services in Provo, Utah or any of the other land surveying services we provide, contact Diamond Land Surveying today.