Land Surveying in Uintah County, Utah


The average home or landowner may not truly recognize the power of a land survey until they need one – and that’s OK. At Diamond Land Surveying, we understand that land surveys aren’t something people spend all their time thinking about. But that’s why we’re here to ensure that when you do need a land survey, we can get the job done right.

One of the common reasons people have a land survey done is because they want to build something on their property. It can be something as small as a fence or as large as a new home. No matter the size, the first thing that might need to be done is a land survey. Here is how a land survey can benefit you and the services offered by Diamond Land Surveying in Uintah County.

Why You Need a Land Survey

When you want to put up something such as a fence on your property, add square footage to your existing home or build a new one, a land survey may be needed beforehand. Why? Because it’s crucial that you know exactly where the property lines are and ensure you’re not encroaching on a property you do not own. It’s a simple way to protect you and your neighbor from future tension or even unneeded lawsuits.

In addition to defining your property lines, land surveys help to define the dimensions, area, and location of a particular parcel of land for improvement projects.

A certified land survey team can help you research the property, and locate any other maps, deeds, plans, or other documents that can help define your ownership rights for your parcel.

All Diamond Land Surveying Has to Offer

At Diamond Land Surveying, we’re not just experts in land surveys for residential areas, but commercial and construction areas as well. We offer a variety of services such as:

Protect Yourself From Land Disputes

We believe it’s best to err on the side of safety when it comes to your property, whether it’s residential or commercial. Land surveys can help to protect your investment in the future by defining what you own today. That way, if your neighbor decides to build a shed and accidentally puts it on your property, it can easily be settled with your current land survey records.

Hiring a professional Uintah County land surveyor is an important decision. At Diamond Land Surveying, we specialize in a variety of surveys and techniques. Contact us today for help with all your land surveying needs.