Easement Drafting in Utah

Do you need advice or help to resolve property questions with an easement in Utah? Our firm works regularly with clients on creating easement documents and exhibits for property access, utility rights of way, and a number of other situations requiring an easement.  

An easement provides another party or parties with certain legal rights to access a portion of a given property for a specific use. Whether you are looking to create a new easement for some reason or you need to know what easements are already in existence, Diamond Land Surveying can provide you with the information and documents that you need.Easement Drafting

How Easements Can Affect Your Property

Whether you are considering making a land purchase or you would like to undertake a construction project on an existing property that you own, easements play a significant role in every aspect of land ownership and use.


Easements give specified parties access to your property for a designated purpose. For example, you might grant an easement to a utility provider so that they can run underground or overhead lines. These are some of the most standard – and common — types of easements. Other types of easements can be more pervasive, such as providing the right to a neighboring property owner to cross your property for purposes of access.

Our experts can assist you in determining what easements exist on your property and how they might influence your property development or use. 

Easement Surveys in Utah

To draft an easement, survey professionals consider the goals of the land’s owner as well as those objectives of the party being granted access to the property. We work with you to clearly identify your purpose, then draft the easement to meet your needs.

Understanding easements on your property can protect you from unneeded headaches. If you seek to purchase a property, you will likely have to accept whatever easements are currently in place. A survey can help uncover easements that could impact your ability to use the property in the way you had hoped. For example, you could be denied the right to construct a structure that infringes on a current easement.

Another reason you might seek to have a survey done for easements is to settle a dispute with a neighbor. The repeated use of a piece of property you don’t own can result in what’s known as a prescriptive easement. Having all the facts at your disposal can provide you with the best chance of achieving your goals for resolving such questions.

Your Go-To Easement Drafting Expert

When you need an easement created, call on the experts at Diamond Land Surveying. Our extensive experience means that you can rely on the results we deliver. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced team is here to help you. 

Contact us now to learn more, or to request easement drafting services..