Basics on Property Lot Split Plat Surveys and Creation

property lot split plat surveys

If you’re experienced with land surveying and various property-related elements, chances are you’ve heard of a lot consolidation plat, which helps combine multiple lots into a single parcel for a variety of potential reasons. Did you know, though, that the opposite type of service is also available for many property types?

At Diamond Land Surveying, we offer lot consolidation plats as part of our broad land surveying services. Our pros will explain all of the details involved here to you, including how these services differ and compare to their inverse, the lot split plat. What is the purpose and process for this latter pursuit, and how long might it take if you’re considering attempting it? Here are some basics on the lot split plat for you to be aware of.

property lot split plat surveys

Property Types for Splitting

For starters, know that pretty much any major property type can be split if the conditions are right. This includes residential, commercial and even industrial properties. It also includes property that’s part of an existing recorded subdivision or a tract of land.

General Steps

Here are the basic steps that will be followed if you plan on beginning a lot split plat:

  • Boundary survey pros will perform a basic survey on the property. This survey will be based on the legal description provided by the client in question, most commonly a current property deed.
  • The property owner will use the survey information to identify the location of a new line that will split the lot into two or more separate properties. New lots must meet all zoning and planning requirements in the area in terms of both lot size and frontage.
  • From here, lot split plans will be sent to the municipality or county in question for approval. After this, the surveyor will create an initial lot split plat. Only once property owners, lien holders, and all planning and zoning groups agree on the split will the final version of the split plat be created.
  • The surveyor will set new survey monuments that signal the new property lines. Owners, lien holders and the right representatives from the municipality will have to sign the final plat.
  • Once signed, the plat will be recorded officially. From here, new property descriptions will be given to the property owner.
  • Property owners can contact an attorney or title company to file new deeds for the separate properties.

Timeline for Lot Splits

Generally speaking, a lot split can take between a few weeks and a few months to complete in full. Preparation usually takes a week or two depending on the lot specifics. A big factor here is whether you have to attend a specific meeting to present your request – if you do, the process could take longer due to scheduling requirements.

For more on creating a lot split plat, or to learn about lot consolidation or any of our other property surveying services, speak to the staff at Diamond Land Surveying today.