Real Estate Issues Solved by Boundary Surveys

real estate issues boundary surveys

At Diamond Land Surveying, we’re proud to offer our various land surveying options to a wide variety of potential customers. One group that regularly utilizes our services to great value: Real estate agents and others in similar positions in this industry, many of whom often have a need for precise boundary information or other data our residential land surveyors can provide.

If you’re among this group, welcome and thank you for your interest! One scenario many such real estate agents and other professionals have experienced in the past, but would love to avoid ever going through again: Issues with large back yards that appear to all be part of the same property, but may not actually be included in reality. Let’s go over how this common situation tends to play out, plus some ways you can solve these issues and never deal with them again through a partnership with a land surveying company like ours.

real estate issues boundary surveys

A Common Scenario

When you’re taking buyers on home tours, you may come upon several properties that have huge back yard spaces. Many of these are properties set in areas where there’s no specific property on the back end, often leaving a huge field or woods that may feel as though they all belong to whoever buys this property. Buyers naturally get excited, especially those who have children or pets, or those who want to do major gardening or even food harvesting.

Those who have been in this position before know what’s coming next: You often have to smash these buyers’ dreams right into the ground by informing them that, unfortunately, you’re not quite sure how much of this open space is actually part of the property. This is because a boundary survey has not yet been done – even if land looks like it absolutely belongs on the property, it’s possible it actually doesn’t. How can you prevent this from happening?

Boundary Surveys and Possible Solutions

Now, we know it’s not always realistic for you to have accurate boundary readouts on-hand for every single property you visit with potential buyers. For this reason, here are some general tips we can offer in this area:

  • Don’t make any promises about the lot size or property boundaries based on incomplete information. If you haven’t seen boundary information yet, be honest with the buyers and tell them as much. Inform them that even fences or other markers on the property are not surefire determinants of the boundary line, and professional surveys will need to be done.
  • If possible, ask the seller of this property if they have an existing survey you can reference.
  • If there is no previous boundary survey, recommend the potential buyers order one and offer them the contact information for a reputable surveyor like ours.

For more on the issues boundary surveys can help solve for real estate pros, or to learn about any of our land surveying services, speak to the staff at Diamond Land Surveying today.