Factors Impacting Cost of Aerial Drone Land Surveying

factors cost aerial land surveying

Modern technology continues to impact the world of land surveying in numerous ways, and one of these is the increasing use of aerial drones for various needs. Clients who are considering this format for their land surveying requirements will often have questions, especially if this is their first time using it, and some of these will naturally revolve around the costs involved in this approach.

At Diamond Land Surveying, we use a vast range of approaches to fill all your land and boundary survey needs in Boise and other parts of Idaho, including aerial drones for many projects. These solutions allow for faster, more accurate results that can save time, effort and money in the long run. Which factors will tend to influence the cost of aerial surveying services like these, and how should you be considering them? Here’s a simple rundown.

factors cost aerial land surveying

Basic Dimensions and Lot Size

As you may have naturally assumed, one of the first and most important factors that will influence the cost of aerial surveying services is the size of the lot or area being flown. In general, the larger the area being surveyed results in a higher price.

However, pricing for surveying an area using a drone is significantly lower than historical costs. Using aerial drone technology means that a much larger area can be surveyed in a much shorter period of time, reducing the labor involved with the survey. At the same time drones can capture a significantly greater amount of information or data, potentially making surveys more accurate.

Topographical Details

When we talk about topographical details, we mean the land features of the area you’re considering having flown. This will include the kind of terrain they need to cover, vegetation on the site – such as trees and bushes along with their density, and buildings or structures present.

Vegetation density and height play a key role in how much time is spent collecting drone data.

Here’s how. For example, if an area has thick vegetation or structures that will make it difficult for the drone’s camera to see the ground, prices may be higher because the drone data will require supplemental information picked up by a surveyor on the ground using a GPS unit or robotic total station increasing the amount of labor. Level of Detail Needed

Another factor that will affect the cost of aerial drone surveying services is the level of detail needed in the results. If a client is looking for detailed information with measurements taken to greater precision, then this may result in higher costs than if they were only seeking basic data.

Level of Accuracy

It’s important to realize that “detail” and “accuracy” are not the same thing when it comes to topographical surveys provided by drones. Accuracy is determined by the level of precision with which measurements are taken, and this can vary based on which technologies are used on a project.. In some circumstances drones, used alone, may not achieve the accuracy clients are looking for. When this happens the use of a laser scanner, GPS or robotic total station may be needed. This may result in additional costs to achieve this.

Number and Type of Deliverables Required

In many cases of aerial topography surveys, one of the most significant factors for both timing and cost is the number and type of deliverables required by the client. When we talk about deliverables, we’re referring to various drawings, renderings and reports that are generated from the survey data. The greater the complexity of the area being surveyed and the larger the scope in size of the area will be followed with higher costs in the survey work..

Taking all of these factors into consideration can help you to get a better idea of what kind of cost you’ll be facing when it comes to aerial land surveying. Of course, you should always get a quote from the surveying company before signing any contracts, as prices can vary. It’s also wise to do some research about the company and their experience in this area, so that you can be sure of getting quality results for your money. With careful consideration and due diligence, you’ll have no problem finding the survey services you need.

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