Construction & Contractor Laser Scanning

Do you need a 3D laser scanning or modeling expert for a critical project? We’re a trusted 3D laser scanning company in Salt Lake City, Utah. With 15 years of professional know-how, our expertise has been developed by working with clients in diverse industries performing and processing literally thousands of scans on hundreds of projects.

Our team is motivated by client success. We want to see you accomplish your design goals successfully using our data. To ensure this we use the latest laser (LiDAR) tech and best-in-class software to ensure accuracy and reliability. We combine technology with talented people. Our technicians employ their learned wisdom, natural curiousity and desire to understand our clients needs on each project. We support it with a top-notch office staff who are responsive and good listeners.

We’re an expert in creating Point Cloud data for designers. But generating the point cloud is only part of the story.  We strive to make the transition from collected data to deliverable a hassle-free experience for our design clients. That’s where you meet the Diamond difference. Our success in maintaining laser scanning clients is the result of attention to accuracy, a focus on delivering data in a way that works seamlessly with client technology and pricing that works within your budget.

Why Choose 3D Laser Scanning?

Speed & Efficiency

Our 3D laser scanning service delivers incredible detail in a short period. Survey work that would have taken days or weeks to complete can now be finished in hours. For As-builts, topographic, detail and engineering surveys the time-to-completion has never been quicker. Laser scanning also allows data collection under a variety of circumstances including low-light scenarios.

Combining technology with Diamond Land Surveying’s know-how results in a quick, efficient, and accurate result. Many companies require a short response time and discover that our firm is able to deliver.

Accuracy & Detail

Laser scanners (using LiDAR) acquire a tremendous amount of information about the scanned location in a matter of seconds. The laser is swept across an area or object and returns millions of data points.

More detailed and accurate information leads to more complete As-built design projects, that result in better retro-fit designs. This leads to less time-consuming construction re-work and the ability to fabricate in the factory instead in the field. This translates into less facility downtime.


From a safety perspective, laser scanning allows us to survey areas that might be considered unsafe without placing ourselves or team members in danger. For example, surveying the face of cliff would have put the surveyor in health risk position, but with scanning our surveyor places the instrument at the base of the cliff and let’s the machine do all the measuring.