Value of Land Surveying for Road Construction

While many people naturally think of land surveys within specific lots or property areas, they’re also used in many related forms of construction that impact our everyday world. One great example here, and an application of land surveys that is used regularly, is their use for various forms of road construction.

At Diamond Land Surveying, we’re happy to offer the very best construction land surveying services in Boise and other parts of Idaho. When building new roads, municipalities will often rely on land surveyors for a few vital parts of the process – here are some of the most notable to keep in mind.

value land surveying road construction

Initial Location Planning

In many cases, one of the most valuable uses of land surveying is to determine the best possible route for a new road. In this stage, surveyors are used to assess the area in question by identifying the project boundaries, collecting site topography and plotting easements.

There are several forms of survey that might be used here. The topography survey, for instance, is used to determine the contours of the surface – particularly important if there are hills or dips in the ground. Topographical surveys also provide a complete picture of the land, helping to identify any other land features that may need to be addressed, such as man-made structures, rivers or streams, and significant vegeatation .

Property Preservation

Not only do surveyors help to plan out roads, their services can also be invaluable when it comes to preserving any properties that might be impacted by construction. In this case, a surveyor will take measurements of the land and buildings in question, and note down boundary lines and other important details that must be considered before work can begin.

This helps to clarify who owns what – essential when a road has to move through an area with multiple properties, either residential or commercial – and helps to ensure that construction takes place without infringing on the land of adjoining property owners.

Drainage Setups

Another essential role of surveyors in road construction is helping provide data that helps civil engineers in determining how to plan drainage systems. In some roads, the landscape and soil types may be such that drainage is required to prevent flooding or other issues. Surveyors will map the terrain to help determine where water might collecting, as well as any areas where it might be necessary to construct a drainage system for the new road.

Road Layout

Surveyors play a critical role in road construction. Hired in the beginning, surveyors provide the road contractors the precise location of the road pathway, ensuring the road is constructed to the correct elevation and within the established boundaries for the road.

Overall, surveyors play a vital role in road construction – from the planning and design phase, to the physical layout for construction. Their work helps to ensure that the end result is a safe, well-built road that is built in the right location and that can provide easy access for years to come.

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