Land Surveyors in Orem UT Help with Property Boundary Conflicts

Neighbors are something few property owners can avoid. They can be invaluable under most normal circumstances. However, if a dispute arises, the inclination to be neighborly can quickly disappear.

In Orem, Utah, land surveyors, including the experienced professionals at Diamond Land Surveying, can help to settle many of these types of disputes. Here’s how you should handle these types of issues that arise, should they arise between you and a neighboring property owner, and how the services offered by Diamond Land Surveying can help.

Understanding the Source of the Issue

Why do neighbors argue about their land?

Most of the time, it’s a disagreement over the location of a property boundary, which can occur for a variety of reasons. Often, these disputes can arise from a misunderstanding of the legal descriptions of the land or confusing wording that can lead one to believe the property boundary exists in a location where it’s really not.

In other cases, land boundaries can be called into question due to construction. The legal boundaries of property must always be identified before construction begins or it can lead to conflicts in the future with neighbors. Problem neighbors may dispute survey results, but what they assert won’t hold up legally against the results of a professional land survey.

How to Resolve Property Boundary Disputes

If you are involved in a dispute with a neighbor over land boundaries, either at your private home or business, move quickly to have a professional land survey completed. Even if one has been done previously, it’s a good idea to have a new one done so that’s current. That way, you can present your neighbor with the results and, ideally, find a mutually acceptable resolution to the dispute that will hold up in the court of law if you need it.

Other Services Provided by Diamond Land Surveying

In Orem, our land surveyors provide many other services, beyond providing information to help resolve disputes between neighbors. Diamond Land Surveying also provides the following professional services:

We also provide services for engineers, architects, and design professionals, including:

We also provide 3D modeling services for commercial, residential, and construction needs.

You may not think you need a land survey – until you do. Any time you purchase a property, plan to build on a piece of land, or buy a large amount of acreage, it’s crucial to have a new land survey done. This helps ensure that you know what you’re buying, but also provides the information you need to settle any land disputes that can arise.

Neighbors are not a bad thing to have, but disputes over property boundaries are never fun. Trust the professional land surveyors at Diamond Land Surveying to provide you with the information you need. Contact us today for information about how our land surveyors in Orem, Utah, can assist you.